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Please note that I do not have the floor plans yet but will post them here as soon as I get them.

For more info on Bessler go to

Johann Besslerís Windmill is for sale

The larger pictures of the windmill courtesy of  KUNST & KULTUR GALERIE © FAUERBACH ARCHITEKTUR & IMMOBILIEN SCHLOSS WELDA © 04.09.2010 AKTUALISIERT ©

windmill 1
windmill 2
windmill 3
windmill 4
windmill 5
windmill 6

September 2011, I added some more photos, see below.

Bessler windmill a 2011 Bessler windmill b 2011
Bessler windmill d 2011
Bessler windmill e 2011
Bessler windmill f 2011
Bessler windmill g 2011
Besslerwindmillc 2011

It seems clear from these pictures that Bessler had completed the stone work which forms the base for the windmill, and the upper floors were added later by subsequent owners. One might conclude that the inventor fell from the top of the existing stone work, although it is possible that he had already begun construction of the upper parts of the windmill in timber and that that was removed later and therefore he could have fallenl from a greater height than suggested by the present stone work.


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